behind the scenes selfie of ts athena addams and kacy tgirl at porn photo shoot

I brought this mini-skirt to match your corset” said Athena Addams. And that confirmed for me that I was shooting with a true craftsperson photoshoot model.  I had sent Athena photos of what I’d wear for our duo scene: red satin waist cinching corset with black trim and red crotchless fishnet pantyhose were my signature pieces of the outfit.


And that’s why she came prepared with a suitcase of heavy leather paddle, restraints, and an electrified flogger et al. As she had the red sequin miniskirt for me plus her outfit of black leather riding pants and waist cinching corset made clear she was had put thought into our scene. At the bottom of this post is a link so you can check out all of our behind the scenes selfies & pics from the shoot with photographer Fetish Dawg

kacy tgirl's red sequin miniskirt from photo shoot with ts athena addams

Posing with Athena was a real lesson in how preparation and a plan of attack can make for truly sexy & erotic shots. The mental storyboarding of positions she had in mind combined with her attention to detail made for many sexy shots! After several minutes of shooting I had to remind myself that I needed to be an active partner with her and not just another prop (good lesson learned). The pics with this post are our behind the scenes selfies. 


As I now review the photo proofs, I’m once again thinking what I always do when seeing Athena’s photos, “Damn she makes for a gorgeous pic!”  But as I write this, that makes it sound as though she simply was gifted with natural beauty.  It really doesn’t ascribe to to her the modeling skills she has honed (from preparation to makeup to posing) to make it seem so natural.  And it has definitely motivated me to be more of a craftsperson when it comes to producing shoots and modeling.  


I would love to hear what you think of this behind the scenes post and pics from the shoot with Athena.  And I hope you enjoyed this intimate look into my most personal thoughts and intimate places. If so please consider tipping me. Your support allows me to share everything here as well as produce and post even more hot content for you. Thanks!

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Checkout behind the scenes selfies & pics here!

ts athena addams posing for photographer fetish dawg at photoshoot with kacy tgirl